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NAMI Minnesota offers online education for professionals and mental health staff. Click here to create a profile and access training.

Allies in Recovery: Hope and Healing in Mental Health
As a health care or mental health professional or practitioner, your goal is to help persons living with mental illnesses achieve wellness and recovery. Of the eight dimensions of wellness, natural supports has many benefits —for the patient, the patient’s family and friends, and you. This program, funded by the F. R. Bigelow Foundation and the Minnesota Department of Human Services, will familiarize you with several simple techniques and tools you can use to help family members become positively involved in your client’s recovery. You will gain a greater awareness of the benefits of natural supports in recovery and wellness.

Compassion in Action: Recognizing and Responding to Patients with Mental Illness
Every day, people with mental illnesses come into hospitals, whether as visitors or through the emergency department. NAMI wants to make sure that hospital staff and health care personnel understand mental illnesses so that people with mental illnesses receive appropriate treatment and have pleasant and healing experiences in the hospital.

This program, funded by the Wasie Foundation, will help increase your knowledge of mental illnesses, challenge your attitudes towards mental illnesses, and teach you to respond with compassion. By increasing your knowledge about mental illnesses, you will be able to respond more effectively and achieve better outcomes for the person and for you.