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During Mental Health Awareness Month, the NAMI Alliance is shining a spotlight on spreading helpful mental health resources, information on local programs and initiatives, and encouraging people to take action through efforts like voting for mental health or advocating for improving our nation's crisis response system. 
Throughout the pandemic, we have all faced isolation, turmoil and unrest, and a growing number of Americans experienced symptoms of poor mental health. We've learned through this experience that we all struggle during challenging times and need support and access to care and resources so we can thrive. 
NAMI is emphasizing what we have all experienced: that mental health is an incredibly important part of overall health. 

Get support, connect with another person's story, learn a new skill, or simply join us to have some fun during Mental Health Awareness Month. 

NAMI brings voices together to advocate for better mental health care. We want anyone experiencing mental health challenges to have someone to turn to, a number to call and a system that connects them to the treatment and support they need. You can help make this a reality. 

Awareness months are great, but we know mental health matters during the remaining 11 months, too. Sign up for our mailing list to stay updated on NAMI activities and how you can help year-round.