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On Your Feet, Walkers!

It's a new day for mental health. A new study found that 52% of adults have been more open with others about their mental health since the pandemic started. Your support for NAMIWalks Your Way is more important now than ever as mental health moves to the forefront of public awareness. 

There are all kinds of ways to get involved!

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Team Captain FAQs

Being a Team Captain isn't as scary as it sounds. In fact, it's a lot of fun and a great way to expand your impact! Here are some frequently asked questions about NAMIWalks Team Captains: 

Q: I hear all this stuff about Team Captains, but do they really matter? 

A: YES! Think of it this way: if your goal was to throw the biggest event possible, you'd want everyone you knew telling everyone they knew about it. Team Captains make NAMIWalks bigger and better - the more people who are out there stomping stigma and raising money for NAMI Southeast Minnesota's free programs, the bigger impact we make together. 

Q: Being a Team Captain sounds like a lot of work. Is it? 

A: It's what you make it! You'll spend some time customizing your fundraising page, recruiting people for your team and following up with them. But this doesn't have to be intensive; you'd be surprised how much you can get done in a dedicated hour. We also have Team Captains for whom the sky is the limit: they organize fundraising events, form giant teams and rally their team members. 

The bottom line is, all Team Captains are rock stars to us. Of course, we love our Elvises and Mick Jaggers, but every Team Captain (and participant!) contributes to turning up the volume on Mental Health for All. 

Q: What if I don't meet my goal? 

A: You're still a headline act on the World Tour of Awesome. Goals are great because they motivate and unite us, but they shouldn't get in the way of your participation or be a source of stress. You've got this! 

Q: OK, I'm in. What do I do now? 

A: Register and then keep an eye on your inbox for all kinds of helpful tips as Walk Day approaches!