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Be Part of Something Bigger: Membership

Get Involved

Join NAMI! Here are two ways to get more involved in the NAMI movement: 

Create a free account on by clicking here. Benefits of this account include subscriptions to the latest mental health updates (per your selected preferences), the opportunity to participate in online discussion groups, pointers on how to advocate locally and add your voice to the mental health movement. 

Become a NAMI member at all three levels of the organization to demonstrate your commitment to a better mental health care system.

There are three types of annual memberships: 

  • Household membership = $60 (includes all members of a household living at the same address) 
  • Regular membership = $40 (an individual membership for one person)
  • Open Door membership = $5 (for an individual member with limited financial resources; to choose this type of membership, enter $5.00 in the "Other" field on the online form.) 

Click here to make a secure, online donation. 

Your membership supports:

  • Local, state and federal advocacy to ensure policy that is responsive and sensitive to the needs of people affected by mental illness
  • Effective programs that positively change lives 

Member benefits:

  • Stay in the loop with quarterly news from NAMI Southeast Minnesota, NAMI Minnesota and NAMI
  • Receive discounted registration fees for the NAMI Minnesota state conference and NAMI National Convention 
  • Online access to Member-Only content 

Please note: Memberships are split between the three levels of NAMI: (1) NAMI Southeast Minnesota, serving the local area, (2) NAMI Minnesota, our state organization, and (3) NAMI national. Each level has a specific role to play and your membership benefits NAMI's complete efforts: the local affiliate delivers programs and services in the area, developing tailored responses to local need; the state and national organizations lead advocacy, communication and program development on a larger scale. However, you will receive mail from each level. Please note the logo to know where it is originating; any additional donation you elect to make over and above membership will support that level only. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (507) 287-1692.