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May is Mental Health Awareness Month


In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month we are excited to be partnering with other agencies to offer a variation of educational opportunities throughout May!

Click here for the full schedule of presentations. 

For the month of May each day of the week is going to have a special theme so make sure you check back each day to see the theme. #NotAlone #MHM


5/19/20 Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a favorite strategy of many people to help them relax.  Music can be used to enhance the experience, either by listening to a video that has been designed to integrate rising and falling music, or just your favorite relaxing piece.  If you aren't familiar with the technique, Emily Wills will introduce you through this video

This video was prepared for people with mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms.

This beautiful a cappella arrangement of Franz Biebl's Ave Maria has beautiful swells and restful harmonies that can take you to open spaces in your mind and wash away stress.

5/12/20 Many people say music is their #1 top coping tool.  Music Therapist Gina Kelly and April Horne talked about "coping playlists."  Here's Gina's favorite song from her own coping playlist. Gina shared this quote "Music gets you through hard times, helps heal your heart, is always there on your good days and never leaves you alone on those bad days." To listen in on their conversation, see the link in the comments.  As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, MPR is also featuring "893 Songs That Bring Us Together" on the Current (FM 89.3) and the MPR Classical Music website has the "Ultimate Feel Good Playlist.  #NotAlone #MHM #TuneitupTuesday 

If you want to listen to the conversation about music therapy and coping playlists, you can find it here

5/5/20  "The message is clear: choral singing, whether of the traditional or virtual variety, is good for mental health." That was the conclusion of a collaboration between famed composer Eric Whitacre and UCL Senior Research Fellow and BBC Radio 3 New Generation Thinker Dr Daisy Fancourt. Virtual choirs are popping up all over the world and they bring benefits to both the listeners and the performers.

You can read the results of the study in this link http://https//

You can also sing along with this virtual choir #NotAlone #MHM


5/26/20 Click here to view Mindful Monday-Setting an Intention

5/18/20  Check out Roxanne’s story and her use of meditation as a relaxation tool. #MindfulMonday #NotAlone #MHM20

5/11/20  Click here to view mindful video; Mind, Body, Spirit

5/4/20  Click here to view mindful video; Building Mastery


5/24/20  Thank you Community Celebration Church for being stigma free!

5/17/20  One of the things that unites people regardless of faith tradition is the helpfulness of prayer or meditation. Science is now looking at how it supports our physical and mental health. How have these practices helped you in times of crisis?  How do they support you in your daily life? Check out this article for more information #NotAlone #MHM                         

5/10/20  #NotAlone #MHM

Learn how rituals play a role in former Board Member and volunteer, Tammy's life.

5/3/20  Did you know faith can be good for your mental health? Check out this article for the benefits.


5/30/20 Check out Michelle's reasons to keep talking at: #NotAlone #MHM20 #StorySaturday

5/23/20 Stories through poems read “When I See My Crew” by Mare. #NotAlone #MHM20 

5/16/20  “My wife and I entered the world of mental health, as many do, in shock and fear. Finally, a staff nurse directed us to a NAMI brochure. After a phone call, a very gentle staff member meet with us, listened to our pain, and helped find the resources for the challenges before us.” Help others by donating today at

5/9/20  "The therapist suggested attending NAMI group sessions weekly to get me through between sessions. That was when the healing started for me. By sharing my story with others I was able to understand I was not alone.... literally.  Others had been through similar situations maybe not as scary, but they could relate.  Just knowing this gave me comfort.  I was not alone anymore." #NotAlone #MHM Please consider making a donation to help others not feel alone


5/29/20 Click here for #FunnyFriday #NotAlone #MHM

5/22/20 Check out Friday's funny here #FunnyFriday #NotAlone #MHM

5/15/20  What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta! #FunnyFriday #NotAlone #MHM

5/8/20  Humor can be a good coping tool. Check out this article and come back every Friday in May for a Funny Friday joke


5/28/20 What are you thankful for?

5/21/20 What are you thankful for?

5/14/20  What are you thankful for? Need some inspiration? Check out this Morning Gratitude Practice video with Dr. Sood. #NotAlone #MHM #ThankfulThursday 

5/7/20  What are you thankful for?


5/27/20 Fact: Exercise is good for your mental health. Check out the specific benefits in this article. #WellnessWednesday #NotAlone #MHM20

5/20/20  Staying connected is important to your mental health. #NotAlone #MHM20   

5/13/20 "Eating healthy is just as important to mental health as it is to physical health." Check out the rest of the article here: #NotAlone #MHM #WellnessWednesday Share your favorite recipe in the comments.   

5/6/20  Did you know hobbies are good for your mental health? Explore what hobbies can do for your mental health: