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Commitment to Racial Justice

About Us

Inequity and Justice

NAMI Southeast Minnesota’s mission is to improve the lives of individuals affected by mental illness through education, support and advocacy.  In short, we aim to improve the lives of people affected by trauma.  Trauma comes in many forms mental, racial, and sexual, just to name a few.

We believe that all people are horrified by the death of George Floyd.  The circumstances around his death demonstrate the trauma that so many in our community have felt and currently feel.  His death is a clarion call to action.

This is why NAMI SE MN has signed on to the Rochester Nonprofit Consortium’s Commitment to Action toward Racial Justice.  We are proud to stand forward, support and take action toward racial equity and justice.  By signing the Commitment to Action, NAMI SE MN pledges to listen, learn and act.  As a member organization, we are committed to action; striving to become the change, our community needs.  However, we need your help.

Please review the Consortium Commitment to Action towards Racial Justice document.  It has many ways that NAMI SE MN Can Do Better.  We are asking for your help in identifying steps NAMI SE MN can take toward meaningful change.  Please give us your feedback.  You can call (507) 993-7673 or email us

This is our first step and it may be small but we are committed to take another step and then another step.  As many as it may take while constantly listening, learning and acting.

NAMI Southeast Minnesota